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NEWS - Scheduled Arrivals/New Arrivals

Scheduled Arrivals

2/15 - Alien Vision E-juice

18ml, 30ml,100ml bottles!

New Arrivals

2/9 - Lunar Rover!

New Arriavl - BAX! Thank you for many requests for BLK

2/6 - The Steam Factory!

Screwbacco 60ml etc

2/2 - Rocket Fuel Vapes

Restocked 10ml bottles per requests! Thank you!

2/2 - Jimmy the Juice Man

Restocked 30ml and 60ml!

2/2 - Suicide Bunny

Restocked! Mother Milk!

1/31- Big Willie's

60ml, 120ml!

1/30 - Lazarus Vintage

Journey, Sir James, etc!

1/27 - Nicoticket

LAST Wakonda 30ml!

1/27- Nicoticket

Wakonda 30ml etc!

1/26- Pale Whale

Pale Whale Vixen's Kiss 100ml restocked!

1/26 - Tark's (Mod N World) 

Added TROY to the line-up.

1/24 - OKAMI brand

30ml, 60ml bottle!

1/24 - Five Pawns

30ml, 60ml bottle!

1/18 - Rasta Vapors Flavorless DIYリキッド 60ml !

Rasta Vapors DIY flavorless liquid 52mg 60ml。
Blend: PG100%, VG100%, PG/VG 50%/50%!

1/18 - The Steam Factory !

The Steam Factory 再入荷!

1/18 - Halo Cigs!

Halo Cigs

1/13 - asMODus Minikin V2 180W Touch screen Mod!

asMODus Minikin V2 180W
asMODus Ohmsmium 24MM 80W TC Box Mod !

1/13 - Chubby Gorilla Unicorn bottle!

15ml and 30ml size

1/13 - Rasta Vapors

Rasta Vapors Tropwen 30ml & 60ml (with Boost) !

8/16 - Rocket Fuel Vapes

Rocket Fuel Vapes!

1/13- Pale Whale

Pale Whale

1/10- Ripe Vapes

Ripe Vapes Restocked!  VCT Private Reserve 60ml。

1/7- P.O.E.T. Electronic Nectar

Sweet Black Tea/Dolce Nero Te!

1/7- Dotmod RTA

Dotmod RTA

1/7- The Plume Room

The Plume Room restocked。

1/3- The Steam Factory

Blewbacco, Screwbacco, Screwbacco Menthol Vani-Tea !

12/28- Elysian Elixirs

Elysian Elixirs Apollo, Artemis, Skadi 60ml