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Pale Whale

Pale Whale

About Pale Whale

"Here at Pale Whale, we believe in creating the finest flavors with the best ingredients available. Our founders are seasoned vapers with sophisticated palates who share a serious passion for the vape industry. Armed with our high standards of quality and combined years of testing every flavor on the market, we are dedicated to creating the best possible vaping experience.

What else do we have that makes our juices so outstanding? Time and patience. The savory flavors of Pale Whale are the result of equal parts ingenuity, trial and error, pride in our product, and a desire to stand out in a big, blue sea. Pale Whale is painstakingly developed, taste tested, and brewed at our true food-grade laboratory and clean rooms in San Diego, California."

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Pale Whale Last Light 100ml

A unique blend of oak barrel-aged liquid with creamy nutty vanilla flavor with hint of fruitPale Whale Last Light 100mlMaker's NoteThis all-day vape is a unique flavor that will sail you away from yo..


Pale Whale Spice Trader 100ml

Smooth Apple and Cinnamon in creamy milkPale Whale Spice Trader 100mlMaker's NoteThis delicious elixir is anchored in memories of morning breakfasts: Buckets of sliced apples and cinnamon flakes drown..


Pale Whale Vixen's Kiss 100ml

Fresh mixed berries!Pale Whale Vixen's Kiss 100mlMaker's NoteThis bounty of berries will hit you with waves of flavor: A tart razzmatazz that will get your taste buds swimming in all directions. Tart ..