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WÜD Skins

WÜD Skins

WÜD Story:

"We are so happy to finally launch our brand, WÜD. Even though our site and brand is new, we as a company have been in the eicgarette field since 2008. Since we have been a part of the vaping community from the very beginning, we are lucky to have the chance to see the market grow into what it is today.  

WÜD was in development for a little over 6 months before we launched at ECC in Los Angeles, but our aspirations to innovate have always been prevalent. We tested multiple wood types, stains, finishes and lasers before the final product reached what you have today in your hand. Our driving goal was to offer consumers the ability to convert their current box mods into a real wood box mod for a fraction of the cost.

We are located in Virginia Beach, VA and our company is made of 6 kick ass sales reps and 3 awesome guys in the warehouse, as well as, some wood packers. We are very tight knit group and worked very hard together to make WÜD happen. We did everything but chop down the trees, although I think some of the guys were hoping we would give that a try.

Our Goals:

We know there are many silicon cases and vinyl wraps on the market, but we wanted a high-end option for consumers. We want to work with manufacturers and distributors across the globe to help us grow our brand. If you have special design or make a specialty box mod that you want us to make/skin, please reach out via our request form. 

Every hand finished piece is unique and created with care and craftsmanship. We are hope you as excited to show off your WÜD as we are about producing it. "

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