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Flavor West Extreme Ice 15ml (JAPAN Domestic Shipping)

Flavor West Extreme Ice 15ml (JAPAN Domestic Shipping)

 High quality Flavor West's Extreme Ice flavoring

This item is for JAPAN Domestic Shipping only

Flavor West Extreme Ice 15ml


Icy flavor that works great as a minty menthol! Tasty and great for gums and candies!

Specific Gravity: 1.01

Appearance: Colorless

Water Soluble: Yes

Origin: USA

Diacetyl: Not Determined

Acetoin: None

Acetyl Propionyl: None

Suggested Starting Use: 2%-3%

Storage: No heat or light

Ingredients: PG, Flavoring Ingredients


Please see "Specification" tab



This is a concentrated e-liquid flavoring. NOT ready-for-vape e-liquid. Do not use this for other purpose.

Shipping From JAPAN
Size 15ml

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