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Quacks Juice Factory Goose Juice DIY 30ml

Quacks Juice Factory Goose Juice DIY 30ml

Goose Juice flavoring for DIY user!

Quacks Juice Factory Goose Juice DIY 30ml


These are our pre-mixed base flavors we use without the nicotine and VG filler. Now you can enjoy our World Famous flavors mixed exactly how you like them.

To replicate our flavors exactly we recommend 20% DIY flavoring, nicotine in a VG base and the balance of your mix with 100% VG.

To get the best flavors, let your mix open air age for 7 to 14 days before using.

Todd's annual 2014 year in review. He's still loving our Goose Juice and still his top pick for Juices. He mentions us at 9:50 into the video.
Size 30ml

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