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Jmate PCC - Portable Charging Case for JUUL

Jmate PCC - Portable Charging Case for JUUL

Ultra Portable Charging Case for your JUUL DAY-TO-DAY use

Jmate PCC - Portable Charging Case


Jmate Portable Charging Case not only holds your JUUL, but charges it as well and can hold up to two Juul pods.


  • Model: PCC
  • Dimension: 100*56*12mm
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy + Plastic
  • Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Input: 5V 1A
  • Output: 5V 500mAh
  • Compatible with: JUUL
  • Pod Storage: Two ( ** Pods are not included ** ) Note: The pod storage is based on the length of authentic JUUL pod. So if you store a compatible pod that is longer than one made by JUUL, it won't fit perfectly.

You Will Receive:

  • 1 x Jmate PCC
  • 1 x USB cable


  • Ultra Portable Design & Very Easy To Use
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Keeps The Juul & Pods Securely In Place
  • 4x Juul Charge On Fully Charged PCC Battery
  • 90 minutes to fully charge PCC
  • 40 minutes to fully charge a Juul in the Jmate.

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