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SKWZD Disposable - Purple Ape

-28% SKWZD Disposable - Purple Ape

SKWZD Disposable from Skwezed, made with Non-tobacco Nicotine, 3000 puffs, 8ml, utilizing Mesh coil for smooth vape. Excellent flavor!

SKWZD Disposable - Purple Ape


Replicating the taste of ripe purple grapes fresh from the vine, SKWZD’s Purple Ape is your go to e-juice for all grape lovers. Each inhale brings the sweet aroma of purple grapes and each exhale leaves you happier than before. With the right mix of sweetness from ripe purple grapes and a hint of sour to perfectly balance it all out, SKWZD’s Purple Ape is a great way to enhance your day. Treat yourself with this flavorsome e-juice.

Specifications and Features

  • ~3000 Puffs
  • 5.0% Tobacco-Free Nic Salt / 50mg
  • 8mL Capacity
  • Mesh Coil

You Will Receive:

This product includes:

  • 1 x SKWZD Disposable Disposable Vape Device - Purple Ape

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