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Cassadaga Liquids

Cassadaga Liquids

Cassadaga Liquids have produced a classic Italian treat, and added some sweet twists, to create a unique line of vape juice! Each flavor embodies the flavors of the delicious fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet and creamy center in a perfect combination that is every dessert lover’s dream. Now take that amazing flavor, add in a few twists, and your taste buds will be well on their way to dessert nirvana! Each Cassadaga Vape Juice flavor has their own, unique profile that will have you hooked.

if you like sweet pastries, give Cassadaga E Liquid a try!

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Cassadaga Cannoli Be Nuts 60ml -9%

Cassadaga Cannoli Be Nuts 60ml

The is exactly like a popular Italian dessert, the Cannoli, Cannoli Be Nuts is original Cannoli Be One with the added essence of chopped pistachios with a delicious and slightly nutty undertone!Cassad..

$22.00 $19.99