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The Schwartz

The Schwartz

Prepare to Vape Yogurt

The Schwartz is an e-liquid company based out of Long Beach, California, created with the sole purpose of bringing unique, high-quality flavors to the vaping community. 

Through months of research and development and using only the finest ingredients, the Schwartz created a unique, handcrafted line of yogurt-based e-liquids that have proved to be tasty all-day vapes and fan favorites.

Building off the line’s positive reception, the Schwartz continues to spread the word and grow within the vaping community, winning over vapers one bottle at a time.

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The Schwartz Ludicrous Speed 15ml

Honey with light creamy yogurt! The Schwartz Ludicrous Speed 15ml Maker's Note A full blast symphony of creamy, yet light full bodied yogurt drizzled with mouthwatering swirls of honey. Yogurt..


The Schwartz The Downside 15ml

Greek yogurt fresh blueberries!The Schwartz The Downside 15ml Maker's NoteA tart Greek yogurt flavor topped with fresh blueberries that will leave you wanting a second serving. There is no other “all ..


The Schwartz The Upside 15ml

The Schwartz The Upside 15ml Maker's NoteA light yogurt flavor blended with sweet strawberries reminiscent of your favorite tubed dessert that when inhaled makes you feel like a kid again.Specificatio..